Espresso Cups – Dove Grey


The perfect cup for real coffee lovers.

Handcrafted in Portugal, our Musango espresso cup is the ideal size for an espresso, cortado or macchiato. Our espresso cups are sold in pairs.

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Product Information

Espresso cups are a coffee lovers best friend. Our Espresso cups come in a pack of two and you get one striped cup and one in a plain wash dove grey. These are super stylish and each one has been hand painted so no two are the same. Each cup is 5cm in diameter and 6.5cm high. They are also dishwasher and microwave friendly.

Our Mission

We are committed to ethically sourcing our coffee.

We only work with coffee growers that are independently certified and passionate about producing specialty coffee around the world.

Our aim is to give our customers great tasting speciality coffee at an affordable price and we also want to ensure the farmer is getting a fair price too.

The world’s kindest coffee

Coffee & Kin is run by Ruth & Mark who want to make more people smile with their tasty coffee.

We only use speciality grade coffee as it’s the best quality you can buy.

Recreate the coffee shop experience at home with a smooth, flavoursome and utterly delicious cup of coffee.