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The world’s kindest coffee capsule.

seriously tasty, 100% plastic free

compostable coffee pods

Don’t take our word for it…

Our Mission

Coffee & Kin is run by Ruth & Mark who want to make more people smile with their tasty coffee.

We only use speciality grade coffee as it’s the best quality you can buy.

Recreate the coffee shop experience at home with a smooth, flavoursome and utterly delicious cup of coffee.

Brew Good. Do Good. Feel Good.

Coffee & Chocolate

the tastiest coffee and chocolate the UK has to offer.

You know you want to
100% Plastic Free

Plastic free, commercially compostable and biodegradable

Subscribe & Save

Save money when you subscribe to our monthly coffee products

Kind to Our Planet

Ethically sourced and planet-friendly

Donation to Blurt

1p from each capsule supports mental healthcharity The Blurt Foundation

High Quality Coffee

We only use seriously tasty 100% Arabica specialty coffee


You are now part of our family - our Kinship. We look forward to making you smile.