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5 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

5 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers:

I’ve handpicked the five best gifts for coffee lovers, which are perfect for him or her.

We only use speciality grade arabica coffee in all of our coffee gifts because it’s the best quality you can buy and tastes just like the coffee you find in a proper coffee shop!

You can choose from freshly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee or compostable coffee capsules. If you’re looking for a coffee gift that will make someone smile, look no further.

Let’s explore our coffee lover gifts in more detail:

Coffee & Chocolate Box

Our Coffee & Chocolate Box is our most popular coffee gift. Inside the box, you’ll find a selection of artisan chocolate from the UK’s finest chocolatiers as well as our very tasty, speciality coffee of the month.

The box has been featured in the press several times and is a perfect gift for him or her.

One of our customers described it as“a ray of sunshine”.

Let’s be honest, what’s not to love about coffee and chocolate!

Coffee & Chocolate Gift Box
Our most popular gift for coffee lovers – £30


Monthly Coffee Subscription

There is a real joy to receiving a box of tasty coffee through your door each month. You don’t have to worry about your coffee stocks running out (now that would be a disaster) and it’s the most convenient way to enjoy barista-style coffee in your own home.

We offer coffee bean subscriptions and coffee pod subscriptions. Our coffee pods are fully compostable and compatible with the original style Nespresso® machines. Our Discover, Explore and Escape coffees have all won Great Taste Awards and the flavours will blow you away. They really are as good as the coffee you find in a speciality coffee shop.

Giving someone a regular coffee subscription is a very special and wonderfully kind gift.

escape coffee pods
Our monthly coffee pod subscriptions start at £18 per month


Ultimate Coffee Hamper

Our Ultimate Coffee Hamper includes two bags of coffee, a coffee syrup, three artisan chocolate bars, a bag of delicious popcorn and a pack of buttery biscuits. It’s the perfect gift for coffee lovers and foodies alike. You can also add a coffee mug too.

ultimate gift for coffee lovers
The ultimate gift for coffee lovers – £55


Coffee & Book Lover’s Box

I’m a complete and utter bookaholic and the Coffee & Book Lover’s Box combines two of my very favourite things.

You can choose your choice of coffee – whole beans, ground or compostable coffee pods. You also get to choose from three different book genres.

There’s a romance (which is my favourite), a crime/thriller and there’s also a historical fiction choice too.

We’ve chosen to include a beautiful hardback in the box. I know they’re a little bit more expensive but in my opinion. they are far more beautiful. It’s definitely worth it. Our Coffee & Book Lover’s Box really does make an absolutely gorgeous gift for coffee lovers.

coffee and book lovers box
Coffee & Book Lover’s Box – £38


Espresso Coffee Hamper

Our Espresso Hamper is another fabulous coffee gift. It features two bags of freshly roasted coffee from our handpicked coffee roaster of the month and two stunning espresso glasses. It’s particularly popular with men!

coffee hamper
Espresso Coffee Hamper – £45


If you’d like to view our entire range of coffee gifts, click here

Why buy from Coffee & Kin……

We’re basically on a mission to make more people smile with seriously tasty, eco-friendly coffee. We’re proud to donate 10% of our profits to CALM. All our coffee has been ethically sourced and is as eco-friendly as it can possibly be.

We want to spread joy in people’s kitchens and believe that everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying really good coffee in their own home.

With Coffee & Kin, you BREW GOOD. you DO GOOD and you FEEL GOOD.

We want as many of you as possible to come and join the Coffee & Kin family. There’s no place I’d rather be.

Take care,


P.S. If you have any questions about our coffee gifts, feel free to drop me an email to ruth@coffeeandkin.co.uk

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