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December’s Coffee & Chocolate Club

Our December Coffee & Chocolate Box is an absolute cracker. We feature a stunning single-origin coffee from Horsham Coffee Roaster and a selection of divine chocolate from Choc Affair. 

December Coffee & Chocolate Club

The Coffee

This month, the coffee was roasted by Horsham Coffee Roaster.

We featured their single origin coffee from Rwanda, which has flavour notes of orange, caramel and black tea.

The coffee is produced by Jean-Paul – a second generation coffee farmer who has worked for many years as an agronomy consultant both in Rwanda and the Congo. His farm has about 6000 trees and he processes coffee from his own farm and from several hundred local small hold farmers within the community.

Horsham coffee roaster

The Chocolate

This month’s chocolate comes from Choc Affair – an independent, family-run chocolate production business based in York. 

Choc Affair owner

Milk chocolate subscribers enjoyed Salted Caramel, Honey & Lemon & Sea Salt bars, whereas our dark chocolate customers received Lime & Sea Salt, Orange and Christmas Pudding bars.

They are known for being an ethical brand. All of their confectionery is sustainably and ethically sourced as well as palm oil free.

Each year, they pay an annual premium to their Colombian chocolate supplier, which goes towards enhancing communities and the environment in rural cocoa farming communities.

Club Perks

As well as receiving a tasty selection of Coffee & Chocolate, our VIP members also get access to a free online magazine. This features an interview with the coffee roaster, the chocolatier, a special Coffee & Kin discount and a special offer from one of our small business friends.

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