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How to make the perfect coffee with a coffee pod

5 simple steps to making the perfect coffee

1. Set up your coffee pod machine correctly

We recommend setting your ‘short pour’ button to 40ml and your ‘long pour’ button to 80ml.

2. Choose the right brand of coffee capsule

There’s so much choice on the market. Coffee is such a personal thing so just find a coffee that you love. Obviously, we’re totally biased and think Coffee & Kin’s capsules taste the best – we’ve even won three Great Taste Awards to prove it!!!!

3. Making the perfect espresso

If you love a shot of coffee in the morning, simply pour one 40ml shot into your espresso cup. Or, why not try a ristretto.  Just pour 25ml and see which one you prefer – you might be surprised.

4. Making a cafe latte or flat white

If you want your coffee to taste like the coffee you drink in a cafe, we recommend using two espresso capsules to make the perfect latte and/or flat white.

When you’re in a coffee shop, you usually get around 16+g of coffee in your cup. One of our capsules is only 5.5g – that’s why we suggest using two capsules to recreate the coffee shop experience at home.

If you’re happy with a smaller coffee, just use one capsule but we always recommend using your short button as this produces the best taste experience. 

Of course, you can try your ‘long pour’ button and just use one capsule. It’s all down to personal preference. However, the best quality coffee comes out in the first 25-40ml so that’s why we suggest using the short button.

5. What about a long black?

Simply, boil a kettle, pour water halfway up your cup and pop two espresso shots on top. 

Coffee & Kin coffee capsules

What about the coffee inside the pod? 

We’re big fans of speciality grade arabica coffee, because it’s the best quality you can buy and it tastes seriously good! So I would always recommend looking for speciality coffee pods.

Our coffee has also been ethically sourced to ensure farmers are getting paid a fair price. We’re also a member of 1% for the Planet and we donate 10% of our profits to CALM. Company ethics is a really important thing to consider when choosing which coffee to buy.

Coffee & Kin coffee capsules

What does everyone say about Coffee & Kin’s coffee?

Charlotte said: “Finally a pod that is compostable and actually tastes great too. They’re so much better than what you find in the supermarket!”

Susanne said: “Not only does this coffee taste fantastic, but I love everything Coffee & Kin stands for. Local family business, sustainable products and excellent customer service.”

And Kris said: “Highly recommend! Spent fortunes trying to find a decent cup at home and I’m so glad I stumbled across these guys. I work with coffee so I’m a tough nut to crack.”

Seriously tasty, planet-friendly coffee that promises to make you smile!

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