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January’s Coffee & Chocolate Club

Our January Coffee & Chocolate Box is the perfect treat for a dull month! We feature a fabulous single-origin coffee from Baristocracy and a selection of beautiful chocolate from AWesome Chocolates.

January coffee and chocolate club

The Coffee

This month, the coffee was roasted by husband and wife team, Alex & Kate from Baristocracy.

We featured their single origin coffee from the Gedeb district in Ethiopia, which has flavour notes of lemon, berry and chocolate.

The coffee was grown by the Banko Gotiti cooperative, which was founded in 2012. It has about 300 members, many of whom own less than 1/2 hectare of land. They are known for producing really good, quality coffee.

Baristocracy coffee

The Chocolate

This month’s chocolate comes from AWesome Chocolates, which was set up by Alistair during lockdown. He’s based in Newcastle. 

AWesome chocolates

Milk chocolate subscribers enjoyed Salted Caramel Crunch, Walnut & Coffee Praline and Fruit & Nut bars, whereas our dark chocolate customers received Passionfruit & Ginger, Chilli & Sea Salt and Mint Crisp bars.

Alistair is a classically trained pastry chef of 40+ years. He recommends that you always enjoy chocolate at room temperature.

Club Perks

As well as receiving a tasty selection of Coffee & Chocolate, our VIP members also get access to a free online magazine. This features an interview with the coffee roaster, the chocolatier, a special Coffee & Kin discount and a special offer from one of our small business friends.

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